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Teklube TS Limited has an enviable reputation for providing unique metal process fluids and additives with a core focus on innovation to protect the environment.

Teklube TS provides you,

Choice of current technology or innovative green technology
Additives specific to the metalworking fluids market
Metalworking fluid intermediates, packages and finished products
Technology and Marketing Support

Teklube TS expert understanding of metalworking fluids, additives, package solutions and our core focus on innovation to protect the environment provides you with genuine choice between current technology and environmentally friendly technology with performance.

Being directly in control of all aspects of the metalworking fluids we produce, from additive development to product formulation and manufacture. Teklube TS ensure that our customers receive not only the latest technology with respect to our environment but performance that you and your customers’ demand for metalworking fluids, additives and package solutions.

Teklube TS is unreservedly committed to quality. We are working to achieve the latest ISO standards

Management objectives at Teklube TS are to:

Improve on the capability, efficiency and effectiveness of our processes
Provide the right products and services to a level in accordance with regulatory standards and those specified by our customers

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